Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Maison 1st Masterpiece

Sweets table

Birthday boy and guests

guest of honor table

paint palette table top by Arts Deante

custom aprons by G.I.T. Creative

custom treat stand

sweets table

Original Hand stamped Masterpiece of Maison by
his dad #FarrisArmand

over all view

berets and aprons

birthday boy canvases

Indian Winter Baby Shower



custom BABY table by Arts Deante

custom pillow by G.I.T. Creative

teepee and faux fire display

guest of honor

sweets table

Indian mannequin

sweets table

custom letters

Passport to Africa Baby Shower


Guest of honor seating area


cake by The Original Sueberry
custom letters

cookies by Pretty in Pink Sweets

mannequin décor

custom candy apples by One Skinny Baker

custom pillow by G.I.T. Creative Events

Sweets table

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